Oct 24, 2019: Breast Cancer Awareness Workshop

IBA Community Welfare Society joined hands with HER Pakistan to hold a "Breast Cancer Awareness Workshop". This workshop commenced at the cusp of the Breast Cancer Awareness month, on 24th October 2019. The purpose of this workshop was to create cognisance, amongst the IBA community, about the most abundant form of cancer in women.

The workshop was for females-only, and was held during the break slot to ensure maximum participation. The members of CWS Team were reaching out to females, in person, and asking them to attend the workshop. The CWS Team had also decorated the pathway to the session venue with pink balloons and were distributing pink ribbons to the student body. Soon after the break started, the venue of the workshop got filled with women-both students and staff alike.

The session begun with an introduction from Sana Lokhandwala, the co-founder of HER Pakistan, a NGO which aims to promote awareness regarding feminine health.

The limelight then shifted to Saima: who is a nurse and she practices in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. After her introduction, Saima assured the audience that this workshop is a safe-space and encouraged the audience to ask as many questions as possible. Next, she introduced Breast Cancer with help of statistics and symptoms.

She particularly emphasised on the fact that despite the bleak statistics, an early diagnosis of Breast Cancer can result in the complete cure of the ailment. One of the most crucial methods of early diagnosis is self-examination: therefore, Saima then demonstrated the audience the proper method to do self-examination. Then, a question-and-answer session ensued in which various attendees' queries were answers and their confusions were clarified.

The workshop came to a closure with a group photo of the attendees, CWS Team, and the HER Pakistan team. The CWS Team gave out brownies as a goodbye gift to the participants.

After the heartening response from the audience, CWS aims to hold more events of such nature to create awareness and promote wellbeing of the members of the IBA community and the community beyond.