5th December 2018: Cultural Fest – And That's a Wrap!

The IBA Go Green Society conducted its much awaited launch event with active participation on behalf of the IBA community.

The theme chosen for the launch this year was a Cultural Festival during which our goals of preservation of nature and sustainability were highlighted along with emphasis on the importance of the ethnicity and culture of our motherland. This event was introduced to present a clear picture of what Go Green is about and stands for and was aimed towards all individuals who wish to be associated with our society. This message was conveyed to the audience through the various activities present.

Highlighting our motive of sustainability and conservation of the environment, participants were asked to bring empty plastic bottles which will be recycled. Active participation with respect to plantation of seeds was witnessed in the event where members of the Go Green community facilitated participants in activities along with raising awareness regarding their various environmental campaigns.

Many were attracted by the various food stalls that were also present with mouth-watering delicacies such as 'Gol-Gappas' and fresh juices, the sight of which made everyone salivate! Moreover, splash painting on a large canvas late in the afternoon was a beautiful collective effort highlighting freedom of expression and the beauty of free flowing and abstract art.

During the event, soothing and uplifting cultural music was played along with the 'baithak' acting as a space for relaxing and enjoying the proceedings of the event while simultaneously taking in the lively ambiance along with the general appreciation of our culture.

We would like to thank everyone who participated and helped make our launch successful and memorable. We hope to witness the same enthusiasm in our upcoming ventures so that we, as a society, can work towards safeguarding our environment and become one with the world around us!