Nov 4, 2019: Fright Night

The jack-o'-lanterns were illuminated with candles from the back there were spiders crawling over the food. Webs and heads of grotesque figures were hanging from the walls and red lights shone on people's faces. The entire event hall had been transformed into a haunted house of sorts. A jack o lantern festooned over the wall- shaped like a bell produced creepy noises and echoed " Welcome to the Halloween party" every time you pressed the switch.

This was the first Halloween party in years being held at IBA by the Social sciences club. Although small and homely, it featured a lot of enthusiastic anime and comic fans. One of the attendants, Scheza dressed up as " biggest event of the year" with neon lights and trash bags serving as her attire. Meanwhile one person dressed up as the Joker with lime green hair and white mask on his face. People dressed up as Maleficent, Lucifer, Serial killer, Cat and a lot of other characters. The food was served by the Social sciences club and featured small snacks like one bite patties, lemon tarts, juices, cupcakes and water. The music playlist started off with party and rock songs and before we knew it, the haunted house was transformed to a grooving zone. There was also a dancing competition between two excellent freestyle dancers.

When the clock struck 8, candies were distributed for the attendants and the best costume award was given to Kashif and Ramsha dressed as Joker and Maleficent. With that the participants departed and the two hour long Halloween party came to an end.