Sep 22, 2019: "HUSSAIN" Humanity's Inspiration

IBA Executive Club and Alumni organized "Youm-e-Hussain" on the 22nd of September 2019 to rejuvenate their souls with the message of Imam Hussain R.A and His companions. To make the event memorable and more prolific, IBA alumni invited guest speaker Dr Sayyedah Sarah Nawazish, she holds a PhD in European Studies, and she is recipient of Shaukat Ara Niazi Literary Gold Medal, recipient of National youth award for English literature 2009 by Ministry of Youth, Young Achiever Award 2010 by Ministry of Culture. The event started with Tilawat of Qur'an by an EMBA participant, which was followed by speeches by Dr Sarah, Mr. Sarim Rizvi and Mr. Hadi Raza. The program was concluded by the program director Mr. Muhammad Saleem Umer. At the end of the session, lunch was served for the guests and the participants.