Oct 30, 2019: "Destination 00: Infusion"

IBA Entrepreneurship Society's launch, Destination 00: Infusion, held on 30th October, 2019 was a success. A quick glimpse of the event is here to remind you that our flagship event INVENT is ahead!

Dr.Shahid Qureshi, Patron IBA Entrepreneurship Society, gave us his insights on real-life lessons. He talked about his major business affairs and the challenges he faced all round while also managing his studies side by side.

The representative of Daraz – Ali Akhai was our esteemed guest. Mr. Ali Akhai is the head of DEX operations and expansion in Pakistan, a logistics company that Daraz has built to overcome challenges in E-commerce operations and help digitize the whole logistics ecosystem. He articulated how he manages the operations of Daraz and asked from the audience if anyone wanted to be an entrepreneur in the future.

He discussed all the skills that are needed to become a good entrepreneur and told about the failures he encountered in starting up his own business as he was doing a job by that time too and couldn't give the required attention to his start up. He explained that if you really want to be a good entrepreneur, you have to stop putting your attention in other things for a while. Further, he conveyed an impression about the operations and financial linkages of Daraz through visual aid. He told about Daraz's inception and mission. Also, in the middle of his speech, he asked the audience about their quality of experiences with Daraz. Everyone opened up about their good and bad experiences.

Concluding his speech, he acclaimed Daraz as the biggest online company that offers 3 million products all around Asia, along with product delivery facility to their customers abroad and being best positioned to provide all corporate purchasing requirements.

Following this commendable speech, IBA Entrepreneurship Society's Panel conducted some activities related to entrepreneurship. Students were divided into groups and had their groups named. From thinking of business-like words to creating and presenting a proper business idea, the group with the most realistic approach won the competition and were awarded gift hampers by Daraz.

Lastly, the event comprised of panel discussion by different guests' speakers related to Women Entrepreneurship. The guest speakers were Mrs. Sheeba from Sheeba's Butterflies, Mrs. Shumaila Hadi from Alfiyah, Mrs. Sumaira Waseem and Mrs. Maha Jawed from Easy by Fatso. The three main topics of the panel discussion were "How to make the entrepreneurial platform more feasible for women", "How far have women come across in defying odds in entrepreneurship" and "How is the entrepreneurship ecosystem evolving in Pakistan."

The audience, including oodles of students sent by their respective colleges also included some very honorable and noteworthy guests.

We owe a huge debt of gratitude to Beacon House School System (BCCN) and The American Foundation School for A levels to partner with us in our event.

Special thanks to Miss Ayesha Aamir (Principal-BCCN) and Mr. Mir Saqib Ahmed (Director Marketing-TAFSAL) for their cooperation.

We extend our deepest gratitude to Mr. Abdul Basit and his son (winners of multiple World Records) for their remarkable performance on Start-up.