Feb 3, 2019: IBA Girls Hostel Welcome Party 2019

On the crisp morning of Sunday, the 3rd of February, the residents of IBA Girls Hostel set off for one of Karachi's most beautiful picnic spots, the Turtle Beach. The bus ride to the picnic was full of laughter and games as the girls made sure to enjoy each and every moment. After arriving, the hostelers refreshed at the beautiful hut that was booked for the picnic before venturing off into the sand and, to an extent, the sea. The girls enjoyed a fun day under the sun amid the soft, new summer breeze and enjoyed a rich and satisfying lunch buffet.

After everyone was full of lunch and tired from the various activities that the beach offered, the girls gathered in the living room of the hut to sing songs and laugh together while having a relaxing round of tea. The day ended with a fun bus ride back to the hostel, with everyone tired but content with the successful Welcome Party. The event was hostel by the Student Council, consisting of the Manager Tania Junejo, along with Bakhtawar Saba, Sara Aamir and Sohaila Karim. The whole process was overlooked and aided by the Hostel's Warden Samiya Shaikh and the Society's Patron Maria Hassan, both of whom couldn't be prouder of the beautiful execution of the Welcome Party.