April 15-26, 2019: IBA Graduation Week

Graduation week, a long-standing tradition at IBA, was organized from 15th April to 26th April to allow students in their senior year to take some time out of their hectic schedules to relax and enjoy in their last weeks at IBA. The graduation week actually consisted of two weeks divided according to activities. The first week was Colour Week, in which a colour was assigned to each day of the week and the senior students all had to dress up in those colours. During the colour week, senior students were easily distinguishable from the rest, as they gathered around to take pictures in groups. It was heartwarming to see a batch full of people with different perspectives united by colours.

For the second week, different activities were planned for each day of the week. On Saturday, the theme for the day was Retro. Students dressed up in outfits reminiscent of the 70s and 80s, bringing oversized jewelry, bell bottoms and polka dots back into fashion for one day. On Monday, students were given full rein to let their crazy sides out, dressing up in all kinds of costumes. On Tuesday, students dressed in black chased and drenched each other in water on the cricket ground for Dhobi/Daku Day. Wednesday was the cultural day where students dressed up in desi, multi ethnic outfits representing the diversity of the IBA student body. A movie was also shown in the auditorium. Thursday allowed the students to be lazy for once and turn up in their pajamas. The long-awaited farewell provided a bittersweet ending to two weeks of laughter and fun. For senior students, graduation week was a perfect way to finish 4 years at IBA. They made new memories in IBA with their friends one last time, before moving on to the next stage of their lives.