January 7-9, 2020: IBA Leadership Conference

IBA Leadership Conference is the flagship event of IBA Leadership club, which aims to provide its participants a platform to enhance their communication and leadership skills, transforming them into better and more responsible individuals with innovative thinking and a good sense of teamwork.

This year, the conference followed the theme of three Es: engage, explore and emerge; each to be covered respectively in three days through specifically designed activities and guest speaker sessions by those who have been through this journey and evolved into successful individuals, seeking their passions. The first day was based on "engage" which enforced communication with oneself and the surroundings. Day 2 helped the participants explore themselves through problem solving, so that they could be aware of their strengths and weaknesses. For this, The Grand Activity was formulated in which the clusters had to carry out a camping activity. In such cold weather they were made to go through obstacles which would enhance their communication, innovation, problem solving and teamwork. Day 3 was the final step towards the attainment of the new self; the participants would emerge into a better and version of themselves promising to carry on this journey even after the conference.

The twelfth edition of IBLC focused on endorsing the distinctiveness and the talents of every individual which set them apart, helping them discover their true potentials and evolving them further as more confident and powerful individuals. With over 300+ participants, Team IBLC successfully managed to have a houseful yet again this year, carrying further the legacy of IBA Leadership Club.