April, May 2020: Social Media Campaigns

This women's day, we initiated a social media campaign under the hashtag #WohHainTohHumHain to recognize, appreciate, and applaud the achievements of outstanding women in our lives. We encouraged people to thank the amazing women in their lives by sending us a picture and a caption for them that was posted on our social media. This campaign received an overwhelming love and support with the most shares and reached more than fifty five thousand people on facebook

#StayHomeForPakistan was an awareness campaign about the need of self-isolation and quarantine. Being the bearers of the Leadership Club we took it as our responsibility to use our platform and spread the public service messages to the people out there to stay home and stay safe to contain the spread of virus.

#ChallengeForChange was initiated to create the awareness that change begins at home. The panel lead the change by taking first steps for a cleaning drive. Other universities further participated by doing the same. Another public service message video was recorded which highlighted the need of rectifying our actions and to stop littering everywhere.

#HonouringRealHeroes was initiated to pay respect and cherish the heroes that are doing great in their individual capacities. Through this campaign we tried to honor people who are going out of their ways and building a healthier community by their efforts and actions. Such people are often not appreciated enough and their stories are left unheard. This campaign served as the bridge, gave a voice to these stories and inspired many more to step up for the humanity. The campaign ended with the panel paying tribute to all the caretakers and fighters of the community. We saluted these real heroes as they stand firmly in frontlines of the global outbreak of pandemic, with only one unified selfless aim; to save humanity.