ISC Office Bearers 2019-20

As the sole representative body of the students, Since the dawn of the institute, IBA Students' Council insured the seamless delivery of the students' interests, ideas, needs as well as their growing concerns to the IBA faculty, the Patrons and the rest of the managing body of the Institute. ISC has also been the moderators to see that the standard of honesty and integrity, which this institute upholds, are met within all of the activities organized and attended by the students therein.

Moreover, ISC covers these paramount events throughout its tenure:

  • IBA Orientation Week
  • Welcome Party
  • Beach Bash
  • Graduation Week
  • Farewell Night
  • Ramadhan Drive
  • Bilal Ahmed Bari

    Bilal Ahmed Bari

    Vice President

  • Azeem ul Hassan

    Azeem ul Hassan

    General Secretary

  • Kunal Vidhani

    Kunal Vidhani


  • M. Arsalan Zuberi

    M. Arsalan Zuberi

    Campus Coordinator

  • Muhammad Yahiya

    Muhammad Yahiya

    Campus Coordinator