Journalism Club

IBA Journalism Society is an initiative of the Masters of Journalism Students at CEJ IBA. It is formulated with an aim to provide a platform for aspiring journalists to advocate the right to share stories. It will be a place to inculcate mutual respect and celebrate diversity of opinion.

The society plans to organize regular events like panel discussions, film screenings and recreational trips. The society has access to CEJ's state of the art facilities including TV, Radio Studio, Digital Newsroom, PCR and editing suites.

  • AsimMuhammadAmeen

    Asim Muhammad Ameen


  • Syed Osama Ali

    Syed Osama Ali

    Assistant Manager

  • Fatima Azhar

    Fatima Azhar


  • Zain Saeed Siddiqui

    Zain Saeed Siddiqui

    Executive Council

  • Brashna Kasi

    Brashna Kasi

    Executive Council

  • Abbas Haidar

    Abbas Haidar

    Executive Council

  • Kinza Tahir

    Kinza Tahir

    Executive Council

  • Kabeer Nadir

    Kabeer Nadir

    Executive Council