Nov 9th 2019: Kund MalirTrip

Our trip to Kund Malir began as we set off for our 6-hour journey on the 9th of November, alongwith 100 students, reaching our destination almost missing out on a beautiful sunset. Kund Malir is a beauty and for a moment I felt like we were in Egypt. The beach itself was a mesmerising site making us forget our hectic student life. Upon reaching, the mouthwatering biryani followed by the sizzling hot barbecue was served with music playing at the background. It was everything one could have wished for.

We set up camps for the night and danced our worries away playing in the foam at the dance floor. Later, after midnight all of us sat down for a fun-filled movie and to top it off we had scrumptious bar-be-que served with ice-cold drinks.

Then we gathered around the bonfire surrounded by fairy lights while marshmallows were getting roasted on the flames that night. We sang and laughed and made memories we will never forget. Our patron, Sir Rafay Sohail, was with us the whole night ensuring everything goes as planned and without any hinderance.

The beach served as a perfect dance floor to rock the night till dawn. We also flew lanterns with our wishes of hope and prosperity and under the blanket of stars and the sound of waves we slept to relieve any fatigue. The best part was waking up to garm-a-garam halwa puri and dropping a couple of pictures down the memory lane, to remember those walks along the shore. Unfortunately, the beach was polluted with litter but we got rid of plenty in our bleach cleanup initiative.

We left the oh-so-peaceful place at around 10 am the next morning and we saw the princess of hope and loved the vibe of it all. We were back at IBA main campus at around 5:30 pm, on the 10th of November.