Leadership Club

IBA Leadership Club, one of the most esteemed clubs at IBA has been grooming students and fulfilling the mission of IBA; creating 'Leaders and Ideas for tomorrow'. This club aims to train individuals so that the true potential of a future leader is unlocked. We conduct a series of large and small scale events, throughout the year, to provide students with an array of opportunities to polish the leaders residing within them but also and their skillset by providing them with mentorship and linkages.

  • Danish Ali

    Asad Manzoor


  • Arbaz Khan

    Muarif Ali

    Assitant Manager

  • Muhammad Ahsan Iftikhar

    Irtifa Khan


  • Ahmed Bilal Amjad

    Akber Vohra

    Executive Council

  • Mariam Khairi

    Maham Sayam

    Executive Council

  • Muarif Ali

    Muhammad Hassan Ali

    Executive Council

  • Marium Fatima

    Mustafa Dewan

    Executive Council

  • Irtifa Khan

    Syed Haider Raza

    Executive Council