IMC Grand Launch

Nov 27, 2018: IBA Marketing Club (IMC) is growing to be a bigger and better club of IBA, and the day of its grand launch has showed people how much it has grown.

The day began like any other ordinary Tuesday with students going to their scheduled classes. However, as they wrapped up to go home, they were treated with a fun-filled and exciting carnival in the IBA football ground. The tempting food from renowned brands, games, creative stalls of accessories and gift items set up by the IBA students attracted a huge crowd. The day was made more special by the presence of Ahsan Khan and Sonya Hussain for the promotion of drama Aangan and HUM TV's team, including Shehzad Roy, Nadia Hussain, Zhalay Sarhadi and Osama Tahir. Enthusiastic students attended the festivities to have a joyous time with their friends.

However, the fun and surprises were not over yet! Students huddled into the garden to watch the much-awaited Fashion Walk. While final preparations for the event's highlight were underway, the mouth-watering items on the stalls of Big Bash, Potadose, M Caterers, Hobnob, Hardees, DelFrio and Lush Crush kept everyone busy.

And then began the much awaited Fashion Walk. The Men's collection was sponsored by Sapphire, Pulma Leather, TSM and Co. and Diners, meanwhile the gorgeous ladies were dressed by Sapphire, C4, What The Funk, UJH for Bridals; and footwear collection by Walkeaze was brilliantly showcased by the models. IMC extended a special thanks to the make-up partners Kuts and Kurls Beauty Salon, Rabya Haneef, Blushworks by J.,Mahalaka Kherani, and Makeup by Minza. The launch did not end here.

Ahsan Khan and Sonya Hussayn with their team of Aangan came up on the stage, interacted with the crowd and performed, which won the hearts of the crowd and left them exhilarated.

The distribution of plaques to sponsors and guests as a token of appreciation by the patron of IMC, Mr. Jami Moiz, marked the end of an amazing show. We extend our heartiest congratulations to the IMC team 2018–19 for outdoing their predecessors and organizing a truly grand launch. We wish IMC the best of luck and look forward to their upcoming events.