Marketing Club

The IBA Marketing Club (IMC) is, undoubtedly, one of the most popular co-curricular clubs at IBA. It is the current winner of the Best Club Award and has been the recipient of this award total three times in the past 7 years. IMC is credited for some of IBA's flagship events, such as the IBA Branding and Advertising Conference (IBAC), Ad War and Battle of the Brains. Team IMC is also the force behind the functioning of IBA"s exclusive discount cards branded as the "IBA Loyalty Cards" providing discount to the IBA community throughout the year on 50+ local and some international brands. Apart from discounts, the club offers the students international study tours and various academic seminars each year.

  • Nimra Shahzad

    Nimra Shahzad


  • Ifraah Nadeem

    Ifraah Nadeem

    Assistant Manager

  • Areeb Hussain Sididiqui

    Areeb Hussain Sididiqui


  • Anoosha Fatima

    Anoosha Fatima

    Executive Council

  • Hanifa Anis

    Hanifa Anis

    Executive Council

  • Rimsha Hanif

    Rimsha Hanif

    Executive Council

  • Omer Shakeel

    Omer Shakeel

    Executive Council

  • M. Abdul Rafay Sajid

    M. Abdul Rafay Sajid

    Executive Council