Mathematics and Astronomy Club

IBA Mathematics and Astronomy Club is an initiative by IBA students to provide students all over Pakistan a platform where they could pursue their interests in mathematics and astronomy. IMAC organizes and manages events and workshops throughout the whole year in supervision of the panel and its integral team. For the session 2019-2020, the society will be engaging its audience in the first ever Star Gazing trip, the fifth edition of Mathematika and various CS workshops following Colloquia, through out.

  • Imran Nasir

    Imran Nasir


  • Kumail Asghar

    Kumail Asghar

    Assistant Manager

  • Sahil Shiraz

    Sahil Shiraz


  • Wajiha Majid

    Wajiha Majid

    Executive Council

  • Trisha Dhanani

    Trisha Dhanani

    Executive Council

  • Saad Jaliawala

    Saad Jaliawala

    Executive Council

  • Mustafa Kashif

    Mustafa Kashif

    Executive Council

  • Aliya Zubair

    Aliya Zubair

    Executive Council