Music Society

The IBA Music Society (IMS) since its commencement has been working towards the promotion of various forms of musical, instrumental and vocal performances. This is very important, particularly for the student body since it gives them an opportunity to showcase their musical talents and bring out the inner musician in them. A combination of fun and entertainment, the IMS holds some of the most exciting events at IBA which offer a perfect break to students from their hectic schedules. In the past, several events have been organized by the IMS which have been quite successful.

  • Ushba Khan

    Ushba Khan


  • MurtazaKamal

    Murtaza Kamal

    Assistant Manager

  • Mirha Aamer

    Mirha Aamer


  • Ali Murtaza

    Ali Murtaza

    Executive Council

  • Bilal Mansoor

    Bilal Mansoor

    Executive Council

  • Faraz ur Rehman

    Faraz ur Rehman

    Executive Council

  • Marium Usman

    Marium Usman

    Executive Council

  • Yusuf Adnan Farooqui

    Yusuf Adnan Farooqui

    Executive Council