November 7th, 2019: Neon night - The IMS Launch

Neon night was for the student body of IBA to get them acquainted with the newly revamped IBA Music Society. For the launch, IMS went all in; for the first time ever electronic music was introduced on campus rather than just concerts and qawwali nights. This new approach taken by the Society worked exceptionally well and was welcomed by the students.

This night was planned by the society members to uplift the students' morale and bring back the culture of music that the institute lacked. We used the Fauji gardens and the Admajee block for this event. Food vendors had their own area outside the gardens. We invited DJ Toshi to rock the event where he played the most ecstatic mixes to hype the crowd. The event started at 9:00 PM sharp and ended exactly at 11:30 PM for the IBA shuttles to leave on the time set beforehand. The whole event was planned to perfection, SMD and neon lights were used for ambiance. The management team also had their own stalls where they gave neon bands and offered neon face painting to the IBA students.

The students, especially freshmen were highly impressed and some even called it their best night at IBA.