August 17-19 & 24, 2019 IBA ISC Orientation Week 2019

Orientation Week 2019: an initiative by IBA's Students' Council. This event was a true success under the Counselor's guidance, Dr. Nida Aslam. As one of the freshman puts it, 'Coming up with such an idea, and executing the whole plan perfectly is something astounding. Had a very worthwhile experience. Really appreciate the efforts of the whole team!'

The aim was to welcome the new batch with the true IBA experience and get them acquainted with the campus life. O'week 19 commenced on August 17th with full energy to welcome the Batch of 2023 and ended with a social on August 21st called 'Festival of Lights'. The ISC broke all records and made the first event of the academic year a benchmark. The freshmen have gotten the kickstart that none of other batches received. All campus facilities were utilised to organise scavenger hunts, ice breaking activities and rush hour.

The first two days were filled with interacting activities where students got to know each other and their Orientation Buddies. Every group of 40 had 4 OB's to guide them throughout the week and make some memories. Together they came up with such different names and slogans to call their groups to help them create a sense of belonging to IBA. While the scavenger hunt helped them find their way through the campus, Rush Hour got the freshmen out of their comfort zones to market and sell their different ideas together! The long days ended with beautiful jamming sessions where everyone sang their hearts out.

The one of its kind 'Festival of Lights' was a great end to the whole week. This festival had it all; the campus was lit in all its glory under the night sky. There were buggy rides, dance performances, food stalls, cycling and some rides too.

All of the batches came together to make history this past August. And it is safe to say that they were all successful as Orientation Week has been made a flagship event by the Dean, Dr. Farrukh Iqbal.