January 10-12, 2020: Model United Nations IBA Karachi (MUNIK)

Model United Nations IBA Karachi, the flagship event of IBA Public Speaking Society, entered its second decade keeping up with its tradition of providing the best academic conference in town, along with featuring remarkable additions to the brand.

The conference that took place from 10th to 12th of January 2020, was arranged by the credible panel of IBA PSS, under the leadership of President Wasey Paracha, Director General Moaaz Qureshi and Secretary General Taimur Ali Khan. Alongside them, the rest of the honourable convening committee consisting of Under-Secretary Generals Mujtaba Sarwar, Khoulah Amna and Ramsha Kaleem were complimented by the highly motivated and hardworking Host and Management Teams who together ensured this conference to be one of the best in its history.

The theme of this year's MUNIK was "Sustainability through Synergy". Since its inception eleven years ago, MUNIK has sought to provide students with the opportunity to understand international affairs, gain insight into current events, and learn to appreciate and navigate the complexity of world politics. The format of Model UN simulates the various organs and specialized bodies of the United Nations in different committees where delegates, who have been allotted countries to represent, debate on specific agendas through the course of the conference, culminating in the drafting of a resolution outlining the committees' final recommendations and solutions on the topic. The team ensured incorporation of sustainable elements such as bio-degradable cloth bags etc. in order to raise awareness against the use of plastic. Moreover, in a landmark addition, MUNIK XI became the pioneer MUN Conference in Pakistan to have a separate committee for the inclusion of differently abled delegates in its Council for Disability Inclusion. A major step taken in order to revolutionise the debating culture to be as inclusive as possible. This was made much easier due to the accessible infrastructure of IBA. The conference raised more than Rs. 8 million in sponsorship, and received an enormous turnout of 750+ delegates and a 100 more, who were fully sponsored by the Pblic Speaking Society as a part of its Social Outreach Programme.

The Secretariat of MUNIK XI, as always, featured the cream of the cream amongst the debating circuit, including but not limited to Hammad Riaz, Asad Rizvi, Nima Ashfaq and our Internatonal Committee Chair Marc Suner from Madrid, Spain. All of whom imparted their valuable knowledge and experience to the esteemed delegates, contributing to the learning rich experience of this conference.

Various high-profile and reputable guests honoured the conference with their presence, with the Co-Chairperson of Human Rights Commission of Pakistan Ms. Uzma Noorani and Executive Director of NOWPDP Mr. Omair Ahmed being the Chief Guests in the opening ceremony. The Special Assistant to the Chief Minister Sindh for Disabilities Mr. Qasim Naveed Qamar and an Afghan Refugee student registered with the UNHCR, Ms. Khatira Amin, delivered guest speaker sessions at the conference, providing the delegates with an insight of the realities and issues faced by the refugees and differently abled people. Last but not the least, the Consul General of US Mr. Robert Silberstein along with various other diplomats and Associate Deans of IBA Dr. Huma Baqai and Dr. Sayeed Ghani graced the closing ceremony of this historic edition of MUNIK as it came to a glorious end.

The conference had a very lucrative social for the delegates after their exhaustive debates on the 11th of Jan. It was a concert featuring two of the most popular artists of Pakistan: Mr. Ali Noor and Mr. Ali Azmat.