Nov 19, 2019: Salam Screening

The Social Sciences and Liberal Arts (SSLA) Department at IBA invited producer Zakir Thaver for the screening and panel discussion of "Salam: The First M*** Nobel Laureate" on November 19.

The documentary enlightened students of the personal struggle Abdus Salam went through as he navigated working as a scientist within the international community, Muslim states and the country of Pakistan itself.

The documentary featured topics ranging from religious persecution to politics of the developing world. Abdus Salam's role in building up the International Centre for Theoretical Physics in Trieste (ICTP) was also explored.

Zakir Thaver, one of the two producers of the film, examined the work entailed in producing such a documentary. In a talk moderated by Dr. Nausheen Anwar he also answered questions raised from the audience. The questions asked ranged from the impact of the film across countries to the experience the filmmakers personally went through in fundraising.