Social Sciences Club

The Social Sciences Club aims to promote critical thinking in IBA. We help students to think beyond convention and challenge their beliefs through our events. We also aim to protect the interests of the student body and contribute towards making IBA a healthy, open and safe space for students.

  • Aiesha Qureshi

    Aiesha Qureshi


  • Sana Baig

    Sana Baig

    Assistant Manager

  • Danyal Alvi

    Danyal Alvi


  • Nazish Abbas

    Nazish Abbas

    Executive Council

  • Huma Maryam

    Huma Maryam

    Executive Council

  • Huda Hamid

    Huda Hamid

    Executive Council

  • Anas Bin Najam

    Anas Bin Najam

    Executive Council

  • Ali Jan Damani

    Ali Jan Damani

    Executive Council