Societies Students and its Patrons meeting

April 5, 2019: Societies Students and its Patrons meeting

Few points on branding, media and communications as decided by the ED and discussed during the Societies Patrons and Students meeting:

1. The office bearers of the societies must enter their respective events in the IBA calendar. (

2. The society must upload a few pictures of their events on the IBA photo bank.

3. After the event, the society must share a short write up with one or two pictures with the communications department, if they want the event to be showcased on the IBA social media.

4. The society cannot invite the media for any event. If it is a big event for which they would like to invite the media, then they should ask the Communications department to invite the media as per the IBA's media protocol.

5. The student society cannot use IBA logo on their branding collateral or any of their communications. They should use society's logo.

6. The student society cannot use the template of the IBA's official business card for their use.

7. The society must adhere to the IBA's tariff and branding policy for any event. They can get a copy from the admin.

8. The office bearers of the society must share the list of speakers and participants with the patrons to ensure that no controversial or banned guest is invited to the IBA.

9. IBA has a corporate relationship with PEPSI. The society cannot invite its competitors as sponsors for any event as it can compromise the corporate relationship.

10. The Communications department will include the SOPs of the student societies in the student hand book.

11. Students events should be organized which are relevant to their own specific society.

12. The form or pro forma for organizing the event should be submitted to IBA admin at least 10 days before the event date which should have approved signature of the specific patron, Syed Mazhar and the SC.

13. The dependence on outside sponsorship is to reduced.

14. Individual societies should avoid large social events except student flagship events such as MUNIK, ENIGMA and IBLC.
15. Extensive distribution of shields to the MT and to IBA top management should be avoided, instead they should be acknowledged via giving them scrolls of their contribution and stating that on their behalf a certain amount has been donated to a charity cause.

16. For all financial matters, it is the onus of students to streamline reporting and compliance and ensure timely coordination, at least 10 days before the commencement of the event, with Syed Mazhar Kazmi.

17. Protocols for calling specific individuals/experts/ politicians is to seek prior approval from ED.

18. There is no issue in inviting government officials as long as the ED is engaged and informed well in advance.

19. The names of 'guest speakers' called in for any event should be shared with the patron and the SC, prior approval from the OSS is must, in order to avoid inviting any persona non grata to IBA.

20. A complaint portal has been launched by IBA admin to deal with maintenance issues faced by anyone in IBA, students can lodge their complaint over there.

21. CED Incubates as vendors for student events are not allowed.

22. Students are to strictly follow the SOP regarding vendor as set out by the OSS committee, and are requested to facilitate the OSS office to expand the existing pool of vendors in order to make the quotations more competitive.