Special Olympics Pakistan has always been admired for their work, especially at IBA, and this year our patron expressed a lot of interest in conducting a friendly event with their athletes.

Their team was contacted, and even though the event had to be held on very short notice, it was a success. The SOP athletes come from all parts of Pakistan, and we were lucky to have been able to conduct the event at this time, because everyone had come to Karachi for a training camp SOP had held for the upcoming World Games.

SOP showed a lot of interest in IBA's invitation, and gathered their teams for all sports, which included Tennis, table tennis, badminton, football, futsal, basketball and athletics. IBA students showed a lot of enthusiasm, and even though they were called on such short notice, almost all players showed up, and played a very disciplined and organized tournament.

The event started on the 20th of February, being a 2-day one. On the 20th of February, Tennis doubles (girls and boys), table tennis (girls and boys), athletics (girls) and badminton (boys) were held. On the 21st of February, Basketball (girls and boys), Athletics (boys), Football (boys) and Futsal (girls) were conducted. The EC's of the Sports Society were given the responsibility to conduct the events for their respective sports, with Ayaan Bakhai and I overseeing the entire event.

The events results were as follows:

1. Tennis (Doubles)

- One match was conducted for girls, in which SOP won 6-0.
- Two matches were conducted for boys, in which IBA won both, 6-6 and 6-4.

2. Basketball

- Girls: SOP, 10-6, won the match.
- Boys: The match was won by IBA, 31-30.

3. Futsal

- IBA girls won the match with a score of 3-2.

4. Football

- IBA boys won the match with a score of 3-2.

5. Athletics

- Malaika won the 100-metres girls' event from SOP with the timing of 14.91 seconds.
- Zarak won the 100-metres boys' event from IBA with the timing of 13.05 seconds.
- Malaika won the 200-metres girls' event from SOP with the timing of 35.6 seconds.
- Noman Riaz won the 200-metres boys' event from SOP with the timing of 29.94 seconds.

6. Badminton

For the boy's event, IBA won 8-21.

7. Table tennis

- Girls

- Umme Laiba (SOP) beat Ayesha (IBA) 2-1
- Ushna Haider (IBA) beat Asma Riyadat (SOP) 2-0


- Masood Haider (IBA) beat Mazhar Ali (SOP) 2-1
- Muhammad Ali (IBA) beat Talha ul Haq (SOP) 2-0