Sports Society

The IBA sports society is one of the most active one's societies amongst IBA's wide variety. This year, it has taken the initiative to encourage the participation of girls significantly, and has introduced new sports like handball, volleyball and tennis for them. The main aim of the society is to not only polish the skills of the athletes at IBA, but to also create new ones, and to promote sports as a part of an individual regular routine.

  • Baziuf Kalu

    Baziuf Kalu


  • Salar Rizwan

    Salar Rizwan

    Assistant Manager

  • Tanzeela Yousuf

    Tanzeela Yousuf


  • Moiz Bhatti

    Moiz Bhatti

    Executive Council

  • Masood Hyder

    Masood Hyder

    Executive Council

  • Ayesha Mehmood

    Ayesha Mehmood

    Executive Council

  • Anoosha Asim

    Anoosha Asim

    Executive Council