Sep 30, 2019: The Theatrical Launch

The IBA Dramatics Society organized a befitting Curtain Call Launch'19 which was categorized by the numerous activities meticulously planned by the society including the revealing of the official Fringe'19 Logo and hierarchy.

The Students Centre's foyer, where the launch took place, was adorned with impressive balloon arches, artistic posters, bilingual banners, and a highly enthusiastic crowd ready to celebrate theatre. Commencing from the introduction of the Executive Council for the academic year of 2019-2020, the event kickstarted with an elaborate marching of members of the Management Team dressed in black and faces painted white to pay ode to the monochromatic theme of the event.

Umar Ali, the assistant manager, introduced guests from the National Academy of Performing Arts (NAPA) who were delighted to reveal the partnership between the institution and the Dramatics Society to train actors, costume designers, script writers, directors, and all those personnel that comprise and help theatre to prevail in all its glory.

An intense dance off between the representatives of Team Black and Team White was followed by an exceptionally well-choreographed flash mob consisting of a medley of popular tunes. This was led by a witty and brief pantomime consisting of talented thespians and a dramatic instrumental leaving the crowd wanting for more. A rap, written by two Management team members, was the talk of the university because of its sarcastic lyrics and catchy rhythm. The exciting event concluded with a beautiful rendition of a classic Queen song.