26th – 28th February, 219: Theatron - National Drama Festival

The Dramatics Society of Institute of Business Administration (IBA) Karachi organized a three-day National Drama Festival, from 26th-28th February, 2019, at IBA, Main Campus called 'JS Bank presents Theatron'. The event was attended by IBA students, alumni and students from different cities. Teams from all over Pakistan, such as NUMS, QAU, Punjab University, GCU Lahore, Iqra University, SZABIST, IoBM, Greenwich University, Karachi Theatre Productions, Mistagh Foundation, and Aga Khan University, took part in this festival and performed with all their enthusiasm.

The event was a lot more than just drama, and Punjab University emerged as the Theatron Champions, winning a cash prize of PKR 100,000.

The competition not only entailed theatrical performances but also included activities for participants like Scavenger Hunt and a round of Talent Face Off, followed by a Laughter Eve which was hosted by two renowned comedians, Akbar Chaudry and Shehzad Ghias Shaikh. Plays and performances were judged on the basis of their talent and versatility. Esteemed judges like Madam Durdana Butt, Mr. Farhan Ali Agha and Mr. Faakhir Mehmood were also present to not only encourage the participants but also to boost their confidence and provide a great learning experience for them. Along with the drama competition, the society also organized a JS Bank presents Theatron Eat Food Festival, which continued for three days and had a variety of stalls.

JS Bank presents Theatron marked the Revival of Theatre and provided a platform to the youth of Pakistan to showcase their talent. The audience got an opportunity to witness theatrical productions that left them astounded and were absolutely praiseworthy. The IBA Dramatics Society is thankful to its sponsors KFC, Ten Sports, Ideas, Avari Towers and their media partners for their effort and contribution in making this event successful.

The objective of 'JS Bank presents Theatron' was to encourage students to come forward and show their skills and talents on a bigger platform. The team was more dedicated and worked day and night tirelessly for the revival of theatre.