September 5th, 2019: WHAT EVEN IS ISLAMIC FINANCE?

An introductory and information sessions were held for the students in IBA, by the Islamic Finance Society.

The following was discussed with the students in the class

  • Their understanding of Banking
  • What the students knew about Islamic Finance
  • Riba, interest, Ribah and the dangers of them
  • How the Shariah process works
  • A few products in the market
  • Banking ethics
  • Demarcation of what is Wrong, Right and Ethical
  • Frequently asked questions

The number of students targeted was around 200. Three different sessions were put in place to achieve the outcomes, which were

  • Increase awareness
  • Recognize the depth of the issue
  • Encourage student participation

The speaker was Mohammed Shaharyar Mallick, an 8th semester student with an interest in Islamic finance as a whole. The sessions were held in the class of Introduction to Business Finance, special thanks to Ma'am Tahira Jaffery.