"Brand Scan" project wins the 2011-12 BS(CS) Final Year Project Gold Medal

The "Brand Scan" Final Year Project (FYP) won the Gold Medal for BS (CS) conducted under the supervision of Dr Sayeed Ghani. The purpose of this project was to facilitate consumers in better decision making in the process of purchasing goods from large retailers. The project demonstrated an application where when a potential customer sees a product anywhere they can scan the product's UPC code using their smart phone. Once the product UPC code is scanned, the customer can get more information about the product in the form of consumer review and product description.

This Project included a mobile application linked with an online database and a website enabled with a product review system. The website is both mobile and desktop compatible. This project also received funding from the ICT R&D Fund.

Student Names:

1. Muhammad Umair Khan
2. Rameez Anjum
3. Mohammad Fazil Maniya