Energy Monitoring & Controlling System Using Wireless Sensor Networks (EMCW). BS(CS) FYP 2013-14

The project 'Energy Monitoring & Controlling System Using Wireless Sensor Networks' System intends to gather temperature and light intensity data from rooms using wireless sensor motes to determine whether the power resources in the room are being optimally utilized or not. It would be tested on the classrooms of the IBA FCS building in which about 30 Crossbow/Memsic motes would be installed and connected wirelessly to a control center. It would also have a Web-panel that would monitor the system for the classrooms. This would be integrated to the semester classroom schedule available from the ERP. The issues that would practically be detected would for example be as follows. If there is no class scheduled in a room and the lights or the air-conditioner are ON, the EMCW System will generate an alarm. The system may in a future extension also be automated to control such cases and shut such systems when they are ON unnecessarily.

Following hardware in project would be used:

Mote: Crossbow MPR2400
Sensor Board: Crossbow MDA100
Gateway Board: Crossbow MIB520
Optional: Motion Sensors.

Group Members:
Hadir Khan , Noman Mansoor Chandna , Muhammad Aamir
Supervisor: Dr. Sayeed Ghani