FYP 2010-2011 - Sindh Flood Maps receives Silver Medal

Sindh Flood Maps is a community-based Geographical Information System (GIS) developed by Sana Ahmad, a student of BS (CS) at IBA under the supervision of Dr. Sayeed Ghani. The project is a Social Network Map that assists in disaster management and relief and development activities throughout Pakistan, especially in Sindh. It provides one platform where people can report emergencies, and concerned authorities can manage their resources accordingly and effectively to help them. The application of the project, however, is not limited to these two areas alone. The system allows its users to upload kmz (compressed Google Earth) files which would appear in the form of layers on the map dynamically. All uploaded data can be viewed by members in the form of super-imposable layers that aids decision making regarding various issues in Pakistan. The project makes use of many features available in Google Map API as well as a large number of geographical layers created by online communities.