Traffic Congestion Tracking System (TCTS). BS(CS) FYP 2013-14

Traffic congestion Tracking System: A multipurpose tracking System that Would track vehicles and would alert its customer in case of any congestions in their typical routes. The system would work by collecting data from TPL-Trakker's online database. Using the geographical information from the thousands of vehicles that TPL-Trakker has as its customers, the system would find the average speed of cars on roads. For the customers of this TCTS, an option would exist in which customers may specify their typical routes along with timings. In case of congestion on the typical route, the system would issue an alert to their customer regarding traffic congestion about that specific area.

Customers would be updated by a mobile application that would be developed to achieve the objective of the project. To make data available to the customer and for communication, different web services would be used.

The Group is using different GPS modules. The Project is a joint collaboration between IBA FCS and TPL-Trakker, which is the largest Car Tracking Company in Pakistan.

Group Members:
Aliza Ejaz Mirza , Amna Abaad Elias , Mujtaba Asad Ali
Supervisor: Dr. Sayeed Ghani