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Dr. Salman Ahmed Shaikh
IBA alumnus authors book on coping with Covid-19 and its socio-economic impact

Published Works
Published Works

Dr. Salman Ahmed Shaikh is an alumnus of IBA Karachi and completed his MS in Economics in 2014. He has recently written a non-fiction book titled, "Reflections on the Origins in the Post Covid-19 World".

The book explores answers to the existential questions in the light of science, philosophy and faith. In his book, Dr. Shaikh writes that the corona virus has affected millions of people and killed hundreds and thousands of people. The tremendous global journey in scientific, technological, industrial and economic advances has come to a pause for a while in the last few months. The need for solidarity, cooperation and compassion is realized across diverse cultures to put together an effective response to cope up with the pandemic and its socio-economic impact.

The book also highlights how Islamic values-based economic framework affects consumer preferences and is more realistic and humane than the self-interested homo-economicus in the mainstream economics framework. The book also showcases the pitfalls in relying on consumer sovereignty and non-intervention in situations and regions where a large number of people do not have enough endowments to make sovereign economic choices.

Islamic Economics Project (SMC-Private) Limited had published this book with ISBN 978-9692347006 and is available in a paperback edition as well in e-book format.