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Why IBA Needs You?

Diversity and inclusivity have become the cornerstone of the IBA's foundation during the last decade. One of the first HEI to launch a diversity initiative, the National Talent Hunt program, the IBA has changed the lives of thousands of financially challenged but talented students from Karachi to Khyber. Additionally, the sustainable financial assistance program with the aid of donors, allows students from different socioeconomic groups and geographical regions access to quality education.





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Help us in our mission to nurture the human capital of Pakistan.

What do you get when you donate to IBA?

  • Impactful marketing mileage including exclusive naming rights to fully-funded scholarships and endowments
  • Tax-benefits to donors, home and abroad
  • ROI on your donation is visible in a few years' time since our graduates are employed within 3 months of their graduation
  • Deep sense of gratification since higher education offers the quickest way to upward social mobility for students and their families

How You Can Donate to IBA?

Financial Aid for Deserving Students

At least 30% of the student population at the IBA receives some form of financial assistance. No student is denied education based on lack of funds. In order to support these deserving students, we have a pay-as-you-go annual scholarship option along with a fully Shariah Compliant Zakat based module. Moreover, to make our scholarship programme sustainable, we also accept the generous contributions of our partners in the form of restricted and general endowments which act as perpetual fund benefitting the deserving students in posterity.

National Talent Hunt Program (NTHP)

Every year, the IBA reaches out to students from far-flung areas of Pakistan and encourages them to apply for the National Talent Hunt Program. With 2-months on-campus training, those candidates who clear the IBA aptitude test are awarded a 4-year all expenses paid scholarship. However, those who don't make it to the IBA end up joining other top-tier universities. Since 2008 more than 250 NTHP students have graduated from IBA and employed in renowned national and international organizations. This is our way of giving back to the society.