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Asim Bashir Khan

IBA Ph.D scholar outlines educational plan to keep children in school

The report 'Bringing All the Girls to School: A Case for More Investment' authored by Asim Bashir Khan, PhD Scholar at the Department of Economic and Finance, is an attempt to not merely provide an overview of Pakistan's current state of education financing but unlike other similar attempts in the past, it also provides a detailed roadmap and spending plan to guide policy decisions. This study offers:

  • a detailed overview of the situation of the out-of-school children in Pakistan with a special focus on the out-of-school girls.
  • an extensive education sector diagnostics and identification of the core issues that limit girls' access to education.
  • an in-depth evidence based empirical analyses of urban and rural bias of education spending and urban & rural demand- and supply-side problems.
  • province/region wise analyses across all areas.
  • a summary of the political economy of education in Pakistan complete with an overview of the fiscal system and political priorities that impact the education sector.
  • a comprehensive overview of Pakistan's performance vis-à-vis education financing using time series data.
  • a detailed roadmap on how the structural rigidities within the country's economic system can be addressed and more revenue generated both at the federal and provincial levels to invest in education.
  • a concrete list of recommendations for reforms at the district level which are based on various economic and non-economic indicators.

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