Executive Director engages with Chairman & CEO, Unilever Pakistan under the ‘Invite IBA’ initiative

25 August, 2023: The Alumni Affairs department at IBA, Karachi took a significant step forward with their ‘Invite IBA’ initiative by engaging with Unilever Pakistan. This ongoing initiative aims to build connections and facilitate meaningful discussions between IBA and other institutions. The event took place at Unilever's Pakistan HQ with around 100 attendees.

The event hosted by Unilever, featured a one-hour interactive session moderated by Mr. Amir Paracha, Chairman & CEO, Unilever Pakistan in conversation with Dr. S Akbar Zaidi, Executive Director, IBA. The session was moderated on the central theme of ‘Brain Drain & Brain Circulation’ addressing the contemporary challenge of a considerable number of young graduates seeking opportunities abroad, which consequently results in a loss of potential talent for their home country.

Mr. Paracha initiated the dialogue by shedding light on the concept of brain drain, the disillusionment often experienced after graduation, and the importance of initiatives that can encourage local talent retention within Pakistan. His insights paved the way for discussions on strategies to inspire graduates to contribute to the growth of their nation, redirecting their talents and energies for the betterment of Pakistan.

Dr. Zaidi eloquently outlined the core factors of this dissonance. He highlighted the impact of political and social dynamics in Pakistan, emphasizing the need for change in these two domains. He also acknowledged the positive trajectory of neighboring countries and underlined the importance of providing a conducive platform for Pakistani youth to excel. His message featured the urgency of nurturing and harnessing potential within the country, requiring shifts in both political and social paradigms. He conveyed the idea that stepping beyond individual interests and embracing a collective national mindset is crucial. This shift can be accomplished through constructive dialogues, the dissemination of awareness, and proactive initiatives within our scope.

As the session concluded, Ms. Malahat Awan, Director, Alumni Affairs, Resource Mobilization & Corporate Affairs, IBA thanked the participants and emphasized the importance of alumni supporting their alma mater, urging their participation by offering their time, expertise, feedback, and financial contribution.

The interactive session ended with an engaging Q&A session.