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Muhammad Nadeem Sarwar
Successfully defends PhD thesis at SESS IBA

Muhammad Nadeem Sarwar, PhD Scholar of Economics department, successfully defended his PhD thesis titled 'Essays on Taxation: Evasion, Reforms and Morale’. The thesis was supervised by Dr. Asma Hyder, Professor and Dean, School of Economics and Social Sciences. Dr. Zeeshan Atiq, Assistant Professor, University of Karachi; and Dr. Muhammad Zubair Mumtaz, Associate Professor, NUST, Islamabad were the External Examiners. SESS faculty members including Dr. Heman Das Lohano, Dr. Waliullah, Dr. Ilfan Oh and PhD scholars attended the session.

We congratulate Muhammad Nadeem Sarwar on this remarkable accomplishment and wish him success in all his future endeavors.

Research Paper Presentation
IBA PhD scholar presents a paper at '100 Years of Economic Development' conference at Cornell University

Muhammad Nadeem Sarwar, PhD Scholar, Department of Economics, School of Economics and Social Sciences (SESS), recently presented a research paper at the '100 Years of Economic Development' conference at Cornell University, USA.

About the Study:
In the tax morale literature, it is often argued that tax morale increases with higher trust in institutions. The literature also finds that high trust places have better governance. So, it is very tempting to conclude that low-quality governance and low trust are mutually reinforcing. The present study claims that general trust leads to increasing tax morale when the government is of good quality, but not when it is bad quality. Even trusting people in trusting environments appear to respond to and acknowledge their governments' failings and act accordingly. The study also attempts to extend Besley's (2020) model by incorporating the explicit and direct role of institutions in tax-paying decisions and separating tax compliance because of tax morale and because of AS model factors.

For more details: At global turning point, economists take stock of 100 years of development | Department of Economics (cornell.edu)

IBA Faculty secured a research grant under the RASTA Competitive Grants Program (CGP) for Policy-oriented Research

Muhammad Nadeem Sarwar, PhD Scholar, Department of Economics, under the RASTA Competitive Grants Program (CGP) secured a research grant of PKR 1.7 million for Policy-oriented research on the topic, ‘Evaluation of Different Tax Reform Proposals’. Professor & Dean, School of Economics and Social Sciences, Dr. Asma Hyder will supervise the project, while Dr. David Orden and Dr. Ahmad Jamal Pirzada will provide guidance.

The research project aims to explore the impact of a change in tax structure on tax revenue, economic growth and income distribution. Since Pakistan has a low Tax to GDP ratio, the study will help in choosing a better tax rate structure for the economy. Furthermore, the project will follow a general equilibrium framework that will provide the government and policymakers with a comprehensive comparative analysis of various tax rate proposals.
For more details:   https://pide.org.pk/rasta/project-briefs-cgp-2-0/  

About RASTA:

Research for Social Transformation and Advancement (RASTA) is a multi-year competitive grants program for policy-oriented research in Pakistan. It operates under the Public Sector Development Program (PSDP) of the Ministry of Planning, Development and Special Initiatives, the Government of Pakistan. RASTA’s mission is to reduce the research-policy gap by stimulating economic and social science research and debate across Pakistan.