Facilities & Infrastructure

IBA, Karachi has two campuses: main and city campus. Situated at the University of Karachi, IBA main campus is spread over 23 acres of land for educational facilities, 22.5 acres of residential complex and 4.5 acres of boys' hostel, adding up to 50 acres of land. IBA city campus situated at Kayani Shaheed Road, Garden Road spreads over 3.5 acres which makes a total of 53.5 acres of land for both the campuses.

The expansion of IBA over the years has been due to the developmental strategy, introduction of new programs and the hiring of qualified faculty. The institute has planned to establish two additional satellite centers/campus in North Nazimabad Town and Defence Housing Authority.

Both existing campuses have undergone a major revamp since 2008. It includes refurbishment of some buildings and addition of some new state-of-the-art buildings. The development of new facilities and infrastructure at both the campuses includes construction of 10 new multi-storied buildings comprising of academic blocks, one specially designed building for the Center for Entrepreneurship Development, Student Center Complex with indoor sports, an auditorium, technology building housing a disaster recovery for ICT, Martin Dow Clinic, a 14-storied multipurpose Aman Tower and three hostel buildings. Additionally, five ancillary support buildings have been constructed including central power building, sewerage treatment plant, stores. Eleven existing buildings were remodeled, expanded and refurbished as part of the development strategy. IBA had 47 functioning buildings in 2017 and 29 in 2000 as a result of revamping of facilities and infrastructure. The covered area under instructional, administrative and amenities space has correspondingly increased from almost 230,000 sq.ft. to 696,000 sq. ft.

The main campus located within the boundaries of the University of Karachi comprises of around 40 classrooms, eight seminar rooms, five computer labs, and 14 breakout rooms. These are located in the three academic buildings, namely the Adamjee Academic Center, Abdul Razzak Tabba building and the Aman Center for Entrepreneurial Development. All instructional spaces are centrally air-conditioned and fully equipped with the latest audio-visual and video conferencing facilities to boost the overall learning experience. These academic facilities are augmented by the Ghani and Tayyab auditorium which has a seating capacity of 300, a library, a video conferencing lab and a faculty lounge.

Additionally, the main campus houses a sprawling Student Center, complete with gymnasiums for both male and female students, a large cafeteria, an event hall, indoor table tennis and badminton courts, outdoor sports field for cricket and football, tennis courts, a volleyball court, a basketball court, a jogging track and a 450-capacity amphitheatre.

The city campus is at the heart of the business district of Karachi. It consists of the Aman Tower, Chinoy Administration Building, Faysal Bank Academic Block, Habib Bank Academic Building, Center for Executive Education, which together fields excellent premises for various programs. Existing facilities include 28 classrooms and eight computer/ICT laboratories. The city campus has Center for Executive Education (CEE), Center for Excellence in Journalism (CEJ), Center for Information and Communication Technology (CICT), Center for Business and Economic Research (CBER) and Centre for Excellence in Islamic Finance (CEIF), which are fully functional and situated in the 14-storied building complex known as the Aman Tower. To meet the growing needs of faculty, researchers, students and various functional departments for information and communication technology systems, a data center has been constructed meeting tier III specifications, which is fully functional and is situated at the city campus.

IBA also provides residential facilities for full-time IBA students. The boys' hostel comprises of an old block having accommodation of about 125 students and the new hostel block A, having a total capacity of about 150 students, while block B with the capacity of additional 120 students has been established recently whereas block C is under construction which will provide an additional accommodation of 102 students. Besides this, a block comprising of 96 beds hostel is located in the IBA staff town area for female students. The facilities include dining, indoor and outdoor games, TV lounges equipped with a large LCD screen, satellite decoder, car parking, and high-speed internet service. The construction of new hostel buildings for both male and female students has greatly improved the living conditions for the hostel residents.

IBA also provides campus residence facilities for faculty and other non-teaching staff. There are 24 residences of different sizes and 10 servant quarters, as well as a block to provide accommodation to visiting faculty members.

With the objective to make the campuses environment friendly and combat climate change, the IBA Karachi has taken a number of initiatives. In this regard, IBA has installed an air quality monitoring device at Adamjee Academic Centre to measure the air quality in the building. The Institute has taken positive initiatives for clean energy with less dependency on fossil fuel. With a strategy to plant around 3500 trees in record time, the Institute is playing its part in giving back to the environment. Two auto chlorination plants have been installed in both the campuses to provide clean water to users daily. The Institute is actively moving forward in terms of development as it is installing 23000 LEDs in both campuses to reduce energy consumption. The next step is to install solar panels to provide clean energy and cut utility bills up to 25%.