Faculty Profile

Dr. Amir Jahan Khan

Assistant Professor

Department: Economics

Specialization: Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice in Higher Education

Onboard Status: Available

Email: ajkhan@iba.edu.pk

Work Experience

  • Assistant Professor at Institute of Business Administration, Karachi (Jan-2019 to PRESENT)
  • Research Fellow at Faculty of Health & Life Sciences, Coventry Univ (Nov-2014 to Dec-2018)
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant at Department of Economics, University of Warwick (Sep-2009 to Aug-2014)
  • Full time Faculty at IBA (Dec-2007 to Aug-2008)
  • Research Economist at Social Policy and Development Centre (SPDC), (Sep-2000 to Nov-2007)

Academic Qualification

  • PGD Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice in Higher Education, Coventry University - 2017
  • PhD (Economics), University of Warwick, UK - 2014
  • MSc (Economics), University of Warwick, UK - 2009
  • MSc (Statistics with distinction), Government College Lahore - 1997
  • BSc (Mathematics, Statistics), Punjab University, Lahore - 1994

Research Interests

  • Industrial Organization
  • Health Economics

Courses Taught


Research Output

Journal Publication(s)

  • Dr. Amir Jahan Khan, Ala Szczepura, Shea Palmer, Chris Bark, Catriona Neville, David Thomson, Helen Martin, Charles Nduka ,"Physical therapy for facial nerve paralysis (Bell's palsy): An updated and extended systematic review of the evidence for facial exercise therapy",Clinical Rehabilitation,Jul 05, 2022,,
  • Stuart Enniss, Gordon Mc Gregor, Grace Lobley, Sandra Worrall, Becky Evans, Peter K Kimani, Dr. Amir Jahan Khan, Richard Powell, Prithwish Banerjee, Tom Barker ,"Effectiveness and Safety of Early Initiation of Poststernotomy Cardiac Rehabilitation Exercise Training",JAMA Cardiology,Jun 22, 2022,,
  • Muhammad Ashar Malik, Iqbal Azam, Dr. Amir Jahan Khan, Faisal Rifaq, Kinza Chaudhary ,"Spatiotemporal variation and socioeconomic factors of financial hardships of out-of-pocket health expenditure in Pakistan",Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal,Mar 01, 2021,,
  • Ala Szczepura, Holliday Nikki, Catriona Neville, Karen Johnson, Dr. Amir Jahan Khan, Samuel W Oxford, Charles Nduka ,"Raising the Digital Profile of Facial Palsy: National Surveys of Patients’ and Clinicians’ Experiences of Changing UK Treatment Pathways and Views on the Future Role of Digital Technology",Journal of Medical and Internet Research,Oct 05, 2020,,
  • Dr. Amir Jahan Khan, Muhammad Ashar Malik ,"Regulation, Quality Reporting and Third-Party Certification of Healthcare Providers",Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association,Oct 01, 2020,Pakistan,
  • Dr. Amir Jahan Khan ,"Competitive Structure and Bank Loan Rate in Pakistan’s Banking Industry",Pakistan Development Review,Dec 01, 2020,Pakistan,
  • Ala Szczepura, Dr. Amir Jahan Khan, Nikki Holliday, Charles Nduka, Catriona Neville, Karen Johnson, Hema Mistry, Samuel Oxford ,"PP26 Facial Palsy Therapy: Can Novel ‘Smart Spectacles’ Help People Smile?",International Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care,Jan 03, 2019,,
  • Stuart Ennis, Grace Lobley, Sandra Worrall, Richard Powell, Peter K Kimani, Dr. Amir Jahan Khan, Prithwish Banerjee, Thomas Barker, Gordon McGregor ,"Early Initiation of Post-Sternotomy Cardiac Rehabilitation Exercise Training (SCAR): Study Protocol for a Randomised Controlled Trial and Economic Evaluation",BMJ Open,Oct 01, 2018,,
  • Darrin Baines, Imandeep K. Gahir, Afthab Hussain, Dr. Amir Jahan Khan, Philip Schneider, Syed S Hassan, Zaheer-Ud-Din Babar ,"A Scoping Review of the Quality and the Design of Evaluations of Mobile Health, Telehealth, Smart Pump and Monitoring Technologies Performed in a Pharmacy-Related Setting",Frontier in Pharmacology,Jul 26, 2018,,
  • Szczepura A., Wynn S., Searle B., Dr. Amir Jahan Khan, Palmer T., Biggerstaff D., Elliott J., Hultén M. A. ,"UK Families with Children with Rare Chromosome Disorders: Changing Experiences of Diagnosis and Counselling (2003-2013)",Clinical Genetics,Jan 10, 2018,,
  • Ala Szczepura, Deidre Wild, Dr. Amir Jahan Khan, David W OwenMicha, Thomas Palmer, Tariq Muhammad, Michael D Clark, Clive Bowman ,"Antipsychotic Prescribing in Care Homes before and after Launch of a National Dementia Strategy: An Observational Study in English Institutions over A 4-Year Period",BMJ Open,Sep 20, 2016,,
  • Dr. Amir Jahan Khan ,"The Comparative Efficiency of Public and Private Power Plants in Pakistan’s Electricity Industry",The Lahore Journal of Economics,Jul 01, 2014,Pakistan,Lahore
  • Dr. Amir Jahan Khan ,"Structure and Regulation of the Electricity Networks in Pakistan",The Pakistan Development Review,Jan 01, 2014,Pakistan,Islamabad
  • Dr. Amir Jahan Khan, Peter V Hall ,"Difference in Hi-Tech Immigrant Earnings and Wages across Canadian Cities",Canadian Geographer,Sep 01, 2008,Canada,
  • Dr. Amir Jahan Khan, Haroon Jamal ,"Impact of Ownership and Concentration of Land on Schooling: The Case of Rural Punjab",The Lahore Journal of Economics,Dec 01, 2005,Pakistan,Lahore
  • Dr. Amir Jahan Khan, Haroon Jamal ,"The Knowledge Divide: Education Inequality in Pakistan",The Lahore Journal of Economics,Jun 01, 2005,Pakistan,Lahore
  • Haroon Jamal, Dr. Amir Jahan Khan, Imran Ashraf Toor, Naveed Amir ,"Mapping the Spatial Deprivation of Pakistan",Pakistan Development Review,Jul 01, 2003,Pakistan,
  • Haroon Jamal, Dr. Amir Jahan Khan ,"The Changing Profile of Regional Inequality",Pakistan Development Review,Jul 01, 2003,Pakistan,






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