Faculty Profile

Dr. Lubna Naz

Associate Professor

Department: Economics

Specialization: Economics

Onboard Status: Available

Email: lnaz@iba.edu.pk

Work Experience

  • Associate Professor at Institute of Business Administration, Karachi (Sep-2022 to PRESENT)
  • Assistant Professor at Institute of Business Administration, Karachi (Aug-2021 to Sep-2022)
  • Visiting Faculty at Applied Economics Research Centre (Sep-2020 to Jan-2021)
  • Assistant Professor at University of Karachi (May-2011 to Jul-2021)
  • Visiting Faculty at Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Institute of Sci & Tec (Sep-2009 to Jan-2012)
  • Visiting Teaching Faculty at Preston University (Sep-2009 to Jan-2010)
  • Lecturer at University of Karachi (Mar-2004 to Apr-2011)

Academic Qualification

  • MA (Economics), University of Karachi - 1999
  • BA (Hons) (Economics), University of Karachi - 1998
  • PhD (Economics), Pakistan Institute of Development Economics Islamabad - 2016

Research Interests

  • Economics

Courses Taught


Research Output

Journal Publication(s)

  • Dr. Lubna Naz, Umesh Ghimire, Abida Zainab ,"Behavioral Factors Associated with Utilization of Healthcare Services among Elderly in Pakistan: Evidence from a Nationally Representative Survey",BMC Geriatrics,Jan 12, 2021,Pakistan,
  • Rafi Amir-ud-Din, Dr. Lubna Naz, Aneela Bibi, Muhammad Usman, Umesh Ghimire ,"Impact of High-Risk Fertility Behaviours on Underfive Mortality in Asia and Africa: Evidence from Demographic and Health Surveys",BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth,May 01, 2021,Pakistan,
  • Dr. Lubna Naz, Kamlesh Kumar Patel, Azer Dilanchiev ,"Are Socioeconomic Status and Type of Residence Critical Risk Factors of Under-Five Mortality in Pakistan? Evidence from Nationally Representative Survey",Clinical Epidemiology and Global Health,Apr 01, 2021,,
  • Dr. Lubna Naz, Kamalesh Kumar Patel ,"Decomposing Socioeconomic Gap in Chronic Malnutrition among Preschool Children in Pakistan",Children and Youth Services Review,Dec 01, 2020,Pakistan,
  • Dr. Lubna Naz, Umesh Ghimire ,"Assessing the Prevalence Trend of Childhood Pneumonia Associated with Indoor Air Pollution in Pakistan",Environmental Science and Pollution Research,Aug 08, 2020,Pakistan,
  • Dr. Lubna Naz, Kamalesh Kumar Patel, Ifeoma Evan Uzoma ,"The Prevalence of Undernutrition and Associated Factors among Preschool Children: Evidence from Pakistan Demographic and Health Survey 2017-18",Children and Youth Services Review,Dec 01, 2020,Pakistan,
  • Muhammad Umair, Dr. Lubna Naz ,"Gender Pay Gap Among Urban-Urban Migrant Workers: Pakistan's Two-Tier Urban Labor Market",Pakistan Journal of Gender Studies,Apr 02, 2020,,
  • Dr. Lubna Naz ,"Integration and Social Cohesion in the Migrants' Neighborhood in Karachi, Pakistan",Journal of Public Affairs,Dec 11, 2020,Pakistan,
  • Abdul Salam Lodhi, Daniel W Tsegai, Dr. Lubna Naz ,"Parents’ Perception of Education and Choice of Childhood Activities: Evidence from Pakistan",Pakistan Development Review,Dec 01, 2020,Pakistan,
  • Dr. Lubna Naz, Kamalesh Kumar Patel, Ifeoma Evan Uzoma ,"Crucial Predicting Factors of Under-five Mortality in Sierra Leone",Clinical Epidemiology and Global Health,Dec 01, 2020,,
  • Dr. Lubna Naz, Kamalesh Kumar Patel ,"Determinants of Infant Mortality in Sierra Leone: Applying Cox Proportional Hazards Model",International Journal of Social Economics,Jun 03, 2020,,
  • Dr. Lubna Naz ,"The Utilization of Quality Antenatal Care in Pakistan: Analyzing Health Inequity in Various Periods",Journal of Population and Social Studies,Jan 28, 2020,,
  • Muhammad Umair, Dr. Lubna Naz ,"Occupational Health Injuries and Safety Management among Internal Migrant Workers in Pakistan: Challenges and",Journal of Independent Studies and Research-Management, Social Sciences and Economics,Jul 01, 2020,,
  • Muhammad Umair, Dr. Lubna Naz ,"The Index Value Trend Analysis of Rural-Urban Migration in Pakistan: The Current and Future Perspectives",Pakistan Journal of Social Sciences,Sep 03, 2019,,
  • Dr. Lubna Naz, Munir Ahmed, G.M.Arif ,"Estimating Food Demand System and Rural Household Welfare: A Case Study from Pakistan",Economics and Business Review,Jan 01, 2018,,
  • Syed Ammad Ali, Dr. Qazi Masood Ahmed, Dr. Lubna Naz ,"Public Spending on Human Capital Formation and Economic Growth in Pakistan",Asia-Pacific Development Journal,Feb 01, 2017,,
  • Muhammad Azhar Khan, Muhammad Zahir Khan, Khalid Zaman, Dr. Lubna Naz ,"Global estimates of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions",Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews,Jan 01, 2014,,
  • Syeda Rabab Mudakkar, Khalid Zaman, Huma Shakir, Mariam Arif, Imran Naeem, Dr. Lubna Naz ,"Determinants of Energy Consumption Function in SAARC Countries: Balancing the Odds",Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews,Dec 01, 2013,Pakistan,
  • Munir Ahmed, Dr. Lubna Naz ,"What Inspires Electricity Crises at the Micro Level: Empirical Evidence from Electricity Consumption Pattern of Households from Karachi",Pakistan Development Review,Dec 02, 2013,Pakistan,





        • Dr. Lubna Naz ,"Paul Roberts (ed). The End of Food. New York: Mariner Books Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Bosten. 2009. xv+330 pages. (Price not given). (BOOK REVIEW)",Pakistan Development Review,Jun 01, 2011,Pakistan,


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