IBA Financial Assistance / Scholarship Scheme


The IBA offers financial assistance to deserving students in the form of various Financial Assistance mechanisms. IBA has a dedicated Financial Assistance Office and Financial Assistance Committee who administer all students' financial need related affairs. A Financial Assistance committee scrutinizes applications of students seeking financial aid and sanctions assistance for those who demonstrate need.


Financial assistance shall be offered to eligible applicants who have been assessed as needy.

"Eligible students may be offered scholarship on the course basis (earlier it was on semester basis) and to cover Fall, Spring and Summer semesters on the following conditions;

  • Student enrolled in morning program only; not of evening programs.
  • Repetition and Improvement courses are not covered.

How to apply for Need Based Financial Assistance

- Those students who need financial assistance will have to apply for it.
- Students may apply for financial assistance on the prescribed form posted on the website and send to financial-aid@iba.edu.pk along with the supporting documents    during the stipulated application period.

Need based Financial Assistance / Scholarships

  • There are number of scholarships available which are awarded to needy students only and are based on the assessed need level.
  • All students/applicants seeking financial assistance shall be facilitated on the basis of assessed need level.
  • The Scholarship Committee scrutinizes the application along with supporting documents submitted by the students seeking financial assistance and scores their need level against laid down criteria; compares it to the need level of other applicants to assess the level of assistance that can be made available on the basis of available funds.

Dated: June 10, 2020 (Revised Policy)