Financial support for undergraduate students

While this pandemic came with hardships, it also provided many with time to sit back and reflect on various life priorities. In one such a virtual session, a group of alumni from the MBA Class of 2004 decided to give back to society and the IBA provided a perfect platform for them to do that.

The Class of 2004 will initially commit to a four-year financial assistance for one student amounting to PKR 2 million, but will not be limiting this offer to just financial assistance. The pledge is to utilize the vast and diverse experience of this group of alumni and provide mentoring throughout the selected student's academic association with the IBA. The plan is to increase the scope of this scholarship fund in future, inspire others and use this platform for constructive value addition.

The IBA offers its gratitude to the MBA Class of 2004 for this noble gesture and looks forward to helping many more students.