Mathematicians gather at Research Colloquia 2023

May 29-30, 2023: The Department of Mathematical Sciences, School of Mathematics and Computer Science (SMCS), IBA, organized Research Colloquia 2023, at the Main Campus. The event aimed to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange among mathematicians, featuring over twenty speakers from IBA and other prominent universities. IBA alumni also attended the event and presented their recent research.

During the event, speakers discussed a wide range of topics, from mathematical modeling during the COVID-19 pandemic to resolving challenging problems in Mathematical Inequalities. The talks were delivered by speakers including, Dr. Bilal Ahmed Usmani, Assistant Professor and Head, Epidemiology and Biostatistics Section, AKUH, and Assistant Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering, NED; and Dr. Hafiz Husain Syed, Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematical Sciences, FUUAST.

Dr. Usmani emphasized the real-life applications of mathematics, while Dr. Husain discussed the application of modern homological algebra in solving problems in Algebraic Geometry.

On the second day, presentations focused on research areas including, quantum algorithms, numerical analysis, image registration, and supply-chain management. The event concluded with a poster competition that displayed diverse areas of pure and applied mathematics, providing junior researchers with valuable feedback and recognition for their ongoing work. An undergraduate student from Habib University won a competition for their original research.

Overall, Research Colloquia 2023 effectively fostered collaboration among mathematicians, facilitating fruitful exchanges.