Psychology Research & Testing Lab

About the Lab

Psychology research and testing lab is developed to scientifically study processes linked to human behavior. It aims to facilitate students, faculty and research scholars in building applied knowledge of psychology by conducting psychological experiments, assessment of personality and human behavior and data analysis. The work in the lab focuses on various intersections of psychology such as social, cognitive, clinical, behavioral, development, organizational and education. It also brings forward opportunities to conduct cross-disciplinary research thereby contributing to both, theory and method.

About the LAB

Facilities at lab

The lab is multifunctional and is currently equipped with latest computer systems. The experimental area is equipped with recording facilities, one-way mirror, LED and DVR monitoring system.

About the LAB

Upcoming projects

The lab would also house various standardized psychological tests in the domain of intelligence, cognition, personality, aptitude and education. These assessment measures would help the researchers in conducting in-depth psychological evaluations and in developing culturally sensitive methodologies.


Dr. Ayesha Zia
Assistant Professor, SSLA