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About the School

The School of Economics and Social Sciences (SESS) is an amalgamation of two departments and two research centers. Therefore, SESS includes the Department of Economics, the Department of Social Sciences and Liberal Arts (SSLA), the Center for Business and Economic Research (CBER) and Population Research Center (PRC).

The SESS has a student body of over 1100 students and a faculty comprising of seasoned academics, out of which 35 faculty members have PhDs, and 8 are full-time professors. The school offers a variety of highly rigorous undergraduate and graduate programs, all recognized by the HEC.

With 18 full-time faculty members, the Economics department focuses on a wide range of topics and employs diverse teaching and research methods in its scholarly work. The Economics department offers programs including, BS Economics, BS Econ-Math, MS Economics, and PhD Economics. The faculty is highly specialized in the fields of Development Economics, Applied Economics, Macroeconomics, Trade, Industrial Organization, and Labor Economics. Expanding on the merits of the newly established SESS, the Department's platform of Economics Research Seminar Series (ERSS) provides researchers (from around the world), an integral platform for dialogue on a range of topics along with an opportunity to present their latest work to the IBA community. read more...

Dr. Asma Hyder

Asma Hyder

Dean, School of Economics and Social Sciences

Welcome to the SESS!

The School of Economics and Social Sciences (SESS) offers the students an academic exploration in disciplines of economics, social sciences, and humanities. These disciplines provide a strong foundation for higher studies and for integration in the contemporary world. We prepare our students for a wide range of career paths and acquaint them with different avenues of knowledge. Our pedagogical approaches align with modern universities, especially the courses in social sciences and humanities, which play a pivotal role in all programs across IBA

All faculty members at SESS are dedicated to knowledge creation and classroom teaching. The faculty and students work together on different economic, societal, and ecological issues in a conducive environment. The faculty-student community at the school is very vibrant, they provide support to government departments in policies and planning, while analyzing social and cultural issues, global activities and their impacts. read more...