Welcome to the SESS!

The School of Economics and Social Sciences (SESS) offers the students an academic exploration in disciplines of economics, social sciences, and humanities. These disciplines provide a strong foundation for higher studies and for integration in the contemporary world. We prepare our students for a wide range of career paths and acquaint them with different avenues of knowledge. Our pedagogical approaches align with modern universities, especially the courses in social sciences and humanities, which play a pivotal role in all programs across IBA

All faculty members at SESS are dedicated to knowledge creation and classroom teaching. The faculty and students work together on different economic, societal, and ecological issues in a conducive environment. The faculty-student community at the school is very vibrant, they provide support to government departments in policies and planning, while analyzing social and cultural issues, global activities and their impacts.

Over time, we aim to expand our program offerings and electives to provide a broader choice to the students. MS Development Studies was launched this year after a careful process of designing the curriculum. I am incredibly impressed by the passion and enthusiasm shown by the faculty and students toward this program. We are privileged to have some exceptionally talented students studying at this Institute, some of them are from remote areas of Pakistan. They inspire us with their dedication, and we are confident that they will change the future.

The Center for Business and Economics Research (CBER) at SESS plays a critical role in facilitating research activities by providing a platform for academic discourses. The center brings together academia, practitioners, and activists at international local research platforms. The scholarly discourses garner attention from researchers, government departments, civil society, and the media. As a school, we are young, but we are proud of our accomplishments in this brief time. For this, I want to thank everyone in our community of faculty, friends, students, families and alumni for their continuous support.

Dr. Asma Hyder

Asma Hyder

Dean, School of Economics and Social Sciences

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