Student Welfare Fund Policy


To facilitate and support the Students in participating in international / local student exchange programs, study tours, work placements, participation in national/international conferences/seminars/workshops, sports tournaments and various other competition, scholarships and other students' related activities in an organized manner and within available financial resources.


1.The remaining balance of Student Societies budget at the end of the year will be credited to Student Welfare>2.There shall be a dedicated bank account in the name of "IBA Students' Welfare Fund".


The policies and procedures are as follows:
1) Finance Department will indicate at the beginning of the fiscal year the actual amount available for allocation under this fund.
2) Request for funding (for activities stated in the purpose) shall be submitted to the Students 'Welfare Fund Committee.
3)A committee comprising of the following persons would evaluate the request and send its recommendations to the Dean and Director.

- Mr. Moeid Sultan (Director Finance)
- Dr. Nida Aslam Khan (Students' Counselor)
- Ms. Shehreena Amin (Assistant Manager)

4) All IBA sponsored tours or visits organized under partnerships and exchange agreements, or those events recommended by the External Partnership Manager will be given priority by the committee in the allocation of funds.

5)The beneficiary student will furnish original receipts and related details to the Finance department within two weeks from the date the event ends.

6) A statement showing the utilization under the fund will be prepared by the Finance Department at the end of the fiscal year.