Transport Services

The IBA Karachi facilitates the commute of its students between both the campuses via a daily shuttle service offered during multiple slots during the day. IBA also provides a transport service for students - who wish to avail it - coming from different areas of the city. Moreover, both campuses are easily accessible via public transport. Both campuses have adequate parking space to accommodate the vehicles of faculty, staff and students.

Students holding IBA bus card may avail the pick and drop facility of the shuttle. The IBA provides transport facilities for its students at a cost of Rs. 30,000 per semester. Students wishing to avail this facility should contact IBA Transport Department. Transport personnel are available on extensions 2047 for Main Campus and 1003 for City Campus.

Student Shuttle Services between Main Campus & City Campus

Timing of shuttle services between the Main Campus and City Campus w.e.f. April 14 -May 15, 2021 (during Ramadan) is given as follows:

Departure Timings

From Main/Girls/Boys Hostels

Departure Timings

From City Campus

Girls Hostel              7:05 a.m.                         

Main Campus           7:10 a.m.                        

Boys Hostel              7:15 a.m.   

Driver: Mr. Mir Ali  0316-2018516  

City Campus    10:40 a.m.

Driver: Mr. Mir Ali    0316-2018516  

Girls Hostel              10:40 a.m.       

Main Campus           10:45 a.m.      

Boys Hostel              10:50 a.m.     

Driver: Mr. Naseer  0300-2149520       

City Campus     1:20 p.m.

Friday               12:50 p.m.

Driver: Mr. Naseer  0300-2149520      

Girls Hostel               1:15 p.m.       12:45 p.m.

Main Campus            1:20 p.m.       12:50 p.m.        

Boys Hostel               1:25 p.m.       12:55 p.m. 

Driver: Mr. Mir Ali  0316-2018516         

City Campus      4:10 p.m.

Driver: Mr. Mir Ali    0316-2018516  

Girls Hostel                4:05 p.m.           

Main Campus             4:10 p.m.            

Boys Hostel                4:15 p.m.         

Driver: Mr. Sheeraz 03212526895                                                     

City Campus       5:45 p.m.

Driver: Mr. Sheeraz 03212526895                                                         

For more information, please contact:

Students Transport Registration Form