Document Check List

a. Copies of CNIC Self, Parents/Guardian and Siblings

b. Salary slip or salary certificate (or pension slip) of all earning family member(s) for one month.

c. Bank statement for last six months of all family members having all accounts.

d. Income tax returns of all earning family members for last one year.

e. Fee bills and any concession document from the last institution you have attended.

f. Utility bills last six months; i) Electricity ii) Telephone iii) Gas iv) Water

g. Saving certificates, bonds, shares, investments, CDC account statement.

h. Property ownership documents, including agriculture land, plots and houses.

i. Rent agreement (if applicable)

j. Loan document(s), including credit card bills and bank loan statements.

k. Medical bills / expenditure related documents.

l. Latest fee challans/Fee concession (scholarship/loan) document(s) of sibling(s).

m. Wealth statement for all family members for last one year (If applicable).

n. Domicile certificate of father/guardian and applicant.

o. Copy of Academic Certificates including mark-sheets i.e. matriculation/O-levels, intermediate/A-levels, graduation and previous year/term/semester.

p. Any other relevant document(s) necessary to support your application.

q. Statement of purpose.

Tips For Completing Application Form

Furnish factual, comprehensive and authentic information in the form.

Provide educational information in chronological order.

Carefully note down your enrollment number and remember to use it correctly during future correspondence.

Answer all questions. Those not applicable should be marked N/A. All required documents are to be attached.


  • Х Providing vague / incomplete information.
  • Х Overwriting / scratching information on the form.
  • Х Submitting your application by email.
  • Х Leaving any question unanswered.

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