Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply on applicants of Financial Assistance Program

  • The Financial Assistance Committee may also conduct personal visits during the verification process.
  • The applicants may be required to appear for an interview if the Financial Assistance committee deems necessary.
  • The Financial Assistance Committee may also call students / parents for verification of documentations and Income and Expenses details.
  • If students fail to submit need-based scholarship forms (either fresh or renewal) within the stipulated dates it will result in cancellation of financial assistance.
  • The IBA will provide 'bridge financing' till the applicants are successfully connected with the external donor (Government or Private or Zakat).
  • The applicants are required to keep applying for the externally funded scholarship (which is arranged by the IBA) till they are successfully parked with a donor. Such students are also advised to keep checking IBA Financial Assistance page as well as their registered email accounts to be aware of available donor funded scholarships and should apply for the same. In case the applicant fails to apply for externally funded scholarship, the Financial Assistance Committee will discontinue 'bridge financing' for that student.
  • The IBA reserves the right to verify all information provided by the candidates.

In case of providing false information:

  • The need based financial assistance award will be revoked and the applicant will also be disqualified from applying for any loan / financial assistance in future.
  • The student will have to refund all financial assistance payments received to date and / or bear the penalty equal to total financial assistance amount on an immediate basis.
  • Misrepresentation or concealment of facts may lead to the termination of admission from the Programme.

Financial Assistance related queries or concerns may be raised by students through email to financial-aid@iba.edu.pk


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